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2024 Springfield Event

This was the first event of the year that the Ohio Cigar Mafia participated in to help our mission. This was a Blackbird Cigars event with Jonas Santana himself hosted by Tip Top Smoke Emporium. We all had a great time while raising money for our charity Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Our OCM Supporter NeedOne graciously donated their thermoelectric cigar humidor that Chance Russell won and gifted to our member Mike Cage. Thank you for supporting our mission NeedOne! Remember to go to the OCM Supporters page anytime you’re looking for cigars or cigar accessories. Support those who support us.

Gil from The Warriors On Wheels Cycling came to speak about what they do for our veterans in need. Was great to hear from him and learn more about different ways to help our our veterans! Go to their website for more information on what they do and how you can make a difference.