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Who is J.C. Newman?

So who is J.C. Newman Cigar Co.? In my opinion they are truly the best American Cigar Family in the industry! Operating out of their 128 year old factory in The Cigar City of Tampa, Florida, The Newmans run their now fourth generation cigar company making some of the highest quality cigars made right here in The United States of America. Some of the most sought after cigars in the country are made in The American Room. These include: The American, Angel Cuesta, Leroy Neiman, and the soon to be released Tampa Smokers which are rolled by three of the absolute best Cuban-American Cigar Rollers in the industry. Angel Delgado Alba, Luis Gonzalez and Yeania Hernandez roll cigars in The American Room in very limited quantities as perfection is the goal with every cigar. On the other end of the spectrum, J.C. Newman has many traditional cigar workers using some of the oldest cigar rolling machines still making massive quantities of the best budget cigars: Factory Throwouts, Tampa Trolleys, Mexican Segundos, Trader Jacks, Decision, and El Reloj. And let me just say, I’ve seen it in person and it was truly amazing! Seeing how much they have going on and how many workers they have on site far exceeded my expectations. I am still blown away by what the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is capable of, and how close-knit the company is. Bobby Newman was taking us OCM Members around on a tour of the facility late last year and the way he would just stop and talk to each and every worker like they are truly family was just spectacular. I’ve never seen such a large company treat each and every worker with such care! We here at the Ohio Cigar Mafia are proud to call J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Supporters.

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. along side with the Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. founded the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation (CFCF) in 2001 to help their communities that produce cigars for them. Over the years it has expanded into a 23-acre Cigar Family Complex where they have a primary and secondary schools, farming program, sports and recreation areas, and even a health center! They do some amazing work for their communities! Also Bobby Newman is a permeant board member at Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. (Soon to be Dogs Inc. after May 1, 2024) where he and his wife Merideth are also Visionary Level Supporters on the Cornerstone Society. Bobby is how we found out about helping Southeastern Guide Dogs and has helped us at our charity events by traveling and donating cigars and other awesome merchandise from his company. We are forever grateful for all Bobby has done for us!

Bobby, Drew and The Entire J.C. Newman Team has helped The Ohio Cigar Mafia in so many ways throughout the years it truly is a blessing to call them supporters, friends and even part of The Ohio Cigar Mafia Family! Look for them in your local brick and mortar to support a great family business and enjoy a truly incredible cigar!

By: Dawson Katz (April 2, 2024)