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Newair/Boveda Literature

Who is Newair?

With a commitment to quality, style, and functionality, Newair offers a diverse range of products that cater to various aspects of modern living, from beverage coolers and wine refrigerators to portable ice makers and cigar humidors. Newair consistently strives to deliver appliances that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, providing convenience and comfort. Whether it’s creating the perfect wine storage solution or offering efficient cigar storage, Newair stands at the forefront of innovation, making a positive impact on homes worldwide.

At Newair, we appreciate all of the veterans who fought for us and honored us in the military and continue to honor us every day. Thank you for all that you do, and we are happy to donate this item to Southeastern Guide Dogs, to show our appreciation for every single one of you, and this organization. Enjoy!

About the Products

In a collaboration between Newair and Boveda, two powerhouses in the cigar aficionado industry, we emerged with the exceptional Newair x Boveda 500 Count Cigar Humidor. Positioned in the niche of high-end cigar storage solutions, Newair, renowned for its innovative appliances, joins forces with Boveda, a leader in precision humidity control. This partnership culminates in a humidor that redefines sophistication and functionality. The incorporation of three holders for Boveda packs ensures meticulous humidity control, while the touch screen temperature adjustment and optimized pegging system provide unparalleled preservation for cigar enthusiasts. With flexible storage options, including two removable dividers for boxes or individual sticks, the humidor caters to the diverse needs of aficionados. The airtight door seal and tempered glass further showcase Newair’s commitment to preserving the integrity of cigar collections. Elevate your cigar experience with the Newair x Boveda collaboration, where expertise meets elegance in the world of cigar humidor design.